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The Origin of The Surabaya City

A long time ago, there was two animals, their names is Sura and Baya. Sura is the name of a shark and Baya is a crocodile. They live in different places because they are always fighting in the capture of prey. Sura life at sea and Baya life in land, border is the beach. So they will not fight again. However, one day, they fought back because Sura looking for prey in the river. Finally the city was named Surabaya.

by Hariyono

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The Legend Of Batu Menangis

A long time ago in west kalimantan, There a poor mother and her daughter.One day, by the walking they go to the market to a new dress.On the way, the daughter do not want to admit the mother, Very angry and sad. His mother prayed to the god that her daughter be punished.Finally, her daughter into a stone, people call it Cry Stone or Batu Menangis.

By: Jessy eka putri